The MIFID II – The dilemma for Advisers and DIM’s

New MIFID II regulations will soon allow discretionary investment managers (DIM’s) to rely firmly on advisers assessment of suitability when recommending a portfolio manager. While seemingly benign, this is a major step forward in clarity in terms of who ‘carries the can’ for advice and investment management and is likely to support the ongoing growth Read More »

The trick to scaling platforms

Forget about fancy technology, automation and six sigma when it comes to scaling platforms. The real trick is to think of your platform business as one long, interconnected and interdependent system. Along that system there are blockages, things that take time, energy and effort to resolve and slow down the overall system. This leads to Read More »

Personal data – the new ‘oil’.

When one thinks of traditional asset classes we think of equities, bonds, commodities, property and cash. Now add ‘Personal Data’ to the list of available investments. Just like oil powered the factories and machines in the industrial revolution. Personal Data will be the fuel which allows the ‘new’ machines and algorithms to operate. Without it Read More »

The end of the vertically integrated bank

A basic tenet of the bancassurance model is cross-subsidisation. That is, more profitable lines in one part of the business are used to offset less profitable lines in other parts of the business. Whilst not a new way of doing business, it does distort the real cost of doing business for the consumer. For bank customers, this may Read More »