Why We Do It

We are a close-knit network of professionals who are passionate about solving intractable problems. We love technology and are mad about all things that improve the service experience for both customers and businesses.

Solving old problems in new ways is what excites us.

You won’t get long PowerPoint decks from us! You’ll just get honest, practical and simple solutions, along with a practical plan to make it happen.

We do it that way because we believe the world needs simple solutions to complex problems.

Who We Are

We are a consulting business with a difference. We don’t employ expensive partners, we don’t charge by the hour and we don’t try to sell you something you don’t need. What we do is offer real advice and propose real solutions.

If the team you speak to don’t have the answers, they will know how to find them.

We work in a networked world, and through our careers we have stumbled across many people, some are those who think like us and who can articulate really complex ideas in simple terms. They are the people who we invite to join our network of expertise and knowledge.

The Confluent team are all practitioners. Each member has stood in your shoes and pondered the difficult questions that you face today. We detest jargon and prefer to talk in plain English, and we collect people who do the same to build our team and our knowledge.

We have no boundaries. We live where it makes us happy and work all over the world.

How We Work

All our engagements start in the same, simple way. We have a conversation and we ask lots of questions. 

Our aim, first and foremost, is to try to understand what you do and build a picture of the sorts of challenges your business will be faced with today and into the future.

Our solutions are practical and allow you to start straight away. Technology plays a key role here, remember, we love that stuff!

We’ll also find you the technology partners to make it happen. We’ll also be working with them in the background to shape their products and services with a view to solving your problems faster and more efficiently!

Our goal is to connect parties in a more efficient and effective way than they could achieve on their own.

We typically work on short term assignments on a fixed cost basis. You know what you pay and you know what you’ll get. We ask 25% upfront which will secure you a slot in our diaries. When the work is complete you release the rest of the funds through our simple payment solution.

Who Do We Work With?

We tend to specialise in areas where we have the kind of practical understanding which comes from ‘doing’.

Normally this includes:

Investment platforms



Fintech and Regtech startups/scale ups

Higher education institutions

Technology firms

Outsourcing and Shared Services

Our Clients

What Are We Asked?

  • We have a very siloed organisation and it’s becoming difficult to maintain service levels as traditional funding becomes more difficult to access. What do we do?
  • We acquired two business lines some years back and we don’t know what to do to integrate them?
  • We use a number of different platforms for our administration, we want to consolidate them as we know that will save us money, which one should we choose?
  • We have heard about this thing called Blockchain and we want to know how we can use it in our business context?
  • We really like our existing technology partner and their solutions but we want to know what else is out there!
  • The data protection rules are changing so that consumers will have greater control of their data. What do we do about that?
  • I have a new platform which I have built, it’s going really well, much better than I expected, how do I scale it up?
  • Service provision in our organisation is really complex and a nightmare for our customers. How do we make it more joined-up?
  • I would like to launch our service into a new market. Can you help me form a strategy for going about it?
  • I would like to expand my business and need capital. Can you help me find a capital partner and help me manage the process?


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